Housing Assistance

Looking for information about where to live? Campus housing is often the best option, especially for new students. Visit the Campus Life Services Housing Services website for information about living on campus as well as useful resources for students who choose to live off-campus.

Short-Term Lodging Needs

Housing Services provides a Short-Term Lodging Guide to assist visiting professors, hospital patients, returning alumni, conference attendees and students’ families with temporary lodging, and to help new students who need temporary housing until they find permanent accommodations. 

These listings are based solely on information provided by the managers and owners of the guest apartments and houses, bed & breakfasts, hotels and motels listed in this guide. These listings are not affiliated in any manner with UCSF. Moreover, Housing Services does not investigate, endorse or guarantee the accommodations listed. It is advisable to make reservations in advance and, if possible, to visit the unit prior to making final commitments.

Visit the Housing Services website to learn more.

Housing Resources

If you are experiencing housing insecurity, please contact Student Financial Services.